Expensive Wedding Rings for Women

Expensive Wedding Rings for Women

Expensive wedding rings are surely all women want to be in their finger in the wedding. Wedding ring is definitely important for a wedding, because it symbolize the romance and harmony between the couple. There are plenty of wedding rings that you could buy, but the expensive ones is always eye catching. Indeed, the expensive rings are mostly more attractive than the cheaper ones, so that women tend to buy the expensive ring for their wedding.

Princess Cut Expensive Wedding Rings

The princess cut design is the most favorite design among the others, because its design brings gorgeous look and luxurious style. It has a big diamond in the head, so that is why it is called princess cut. It is truly beautiful with its big diamond in the middle. Furthermore, it commonly has many small diamonds around the big one that make it sparkling. The expensive ones may cost more than $1000.

Platinum Wedding Rings

Platinum is one the most common materials for expensive ring. The most common material is probably gold that is divided into white gold and yellow gold. However, platinum offers more interesting thing than gold. It is more lustrous than the gold, but it seems like the white gold. The difference is the quality and the weight. Platinum ring is commonly more expensive than golden ring.