Vintage Irish Wedding Dress

Vintage Irish Wedding Dress

Irish wedding dresses becomes popular because of the ethnicity brought by them. The traditional idea of this wedding dress comes up familiarly among the brides and wedding organizer to pick it as their supported features in making vintage wedding party and ceremony. Irish wedding dress focuses on the lace detail and long sleeves.

Attributes for Irish Wedding Dresses

Irish wedding dress actually has ribbons which are braids on the back. With laces and long sleeves, it is the original and traditional Irish wedding dress. As the time goes by, the style is being developed. Designers leave the ribbon, but still remains the laces and long sleeves. These attributes make the dress noticeable as an Irish wedding dress.

Vintage theme for the wedding dress

Because of those characteristics and attributes of Irish wedding dress, people at the present pick this theme to complete their Vintage idea of wedding. The use of laces is the strong feature to make it traditional but classy. It can be completed with lace veil and red lips make up touch with strong eyeliner. Or it will be perfectly beautiful for you wearing pastel wedding dress, still with laces to turn you into Irish princess on your special day.